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Regular Oil Change Services

Expert technicians performing an oil change at Grand Prix Customs

Regular oil changes are essential for maintaining your vehicle’s engine performance and longevity. At Grand Prix Customs in Brooklyn, NY, we offer professional oil change services to keep your engine running smoothly and efficiently. Our experienced technicians use high-quality oil and filters to ensure your vehicle receives the best care possible.

What is an Oil Change?

An oil change involves draining the old engine oil and replacing it with fresh oil, along with changing the oil filter. This service is crucial for lubricating the engine’s moving parts, reducing friction, and preventing wear and tear. Regular oil changes help remove contaminants and sludge that can accumulate over time, ensuring your engine stays clean and functions optimally.

Oil Change Services in Brooklyn

Benefits of Regular Oil Changes

Improved Engine Performance

Fresh oil lubricates the engine’s components, reducing friction and allowing it to run more smoothly and efficiently.

Extended Engine Life

Regular oil changes prevent buildup of harmful deposits and sludge, reducing wear and extending the lifespan of your engine.

Better Fuel Efficiency

Clean oil helps the engine operate more efficiently, improving fuel economy and saving you money at the pump.

Enhanced Engine Protection

High-quality oil and filters protect your engine from damage caused by heat, friction, and contaminants.

Preventative Maintenance

Regular oil changes allow technicians to inspect your vehicle for potential issues, helping to prevent costly repairs down the line.

Why Choose Grand Prix Customs for Oil Change Services?

At Grand Prix Customs, we are committed to providing top-quality oil change services. Here’s why you should choose us:

  • Expert Technicians – Our team consists of skilled and experienced technicians who perform thorough and efficient oil changes.
  • High-Quality Products – We use only premium oil and filters to ensure the best performance and protection for your engine.
  • Comprehensive Service – During an oil change, we also perform a multi-point inspection to identify any potential issues and keep your vehicle in top condition.
  • Convenient Scheduling – We offer flexible scheduling options to fit your busy lifestyle, making it easy to keep up with regular maintenance.
  • Customer Satisfaction – Your satisfaction is our priority. We strive to provide exceptional service and ensure you are completely satisfied with our work.

Our Oil Change Service Process

We start with a thorough inspection of your vehicle’s engine and oil levels.
Our technicians drain the old engine oil and remove the used oil filter.
We install a new, high-quality oil filter to ensure optimal engine protection.
Fresh, premium engine oil is added, meeting your vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.
We perform a final check of the oil level and inspect the engine to ensure everything is in proper working order.
We review the service performed with you and provide recommendations for maintaining optimal engine performance.
Contact Us for Regular Oil Change Services in Brooklyn, NY
Keep your engine running smoothly with regular oil change services from Grand Prix Customs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or learn more about our services. Call us at (718) 814-5415 or visit our shop at 2384 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11234. Trust our experts to keep your vehicle in peak condition.